Moving with Ease

As Spring finally appears to be upon us, I’m realizing this is the second year in a row that I will not be packing, moving, and unpacking. It’s been such a nice change for me to put down roots and have a home that I don’t feel the need to leave at the end of a lease. Prior to relocating to Ohio during the pandemic, I had moved TEN times in the past 5 years. It’s actually so wild to even think about how I was able to do that. Packing up your entire life, moving furniture, boxes, fragile items, etc. is exhausting in itself. It typically takes an entire week and for some it takes longer if you have a full household. I will never forget the stress of having a deadline to vacate my apartment and move into my new house in Nashville; I hired movers to arrive one Saturday morning and not only did they rescheduled their arrival time multiple times, but they never even showed up. It required so much scrambling and thankfully my roommate had a company box truck that we could use to move all of our items. It was a very hot weekend, we weren’t sure how we were going to even move some of the larger items, but our adrenaline kicked in and we really impressed ourselves with our abilities!

When I made the decision to leave Nashville and move to Ohio, I was lucky to have a very helpful and reliable partner to help. I had already made several trips back and forth and would bring a car load of items back to Ohio each time. But, when the final moving weekend arrived I still had SO much to pack. Which ultimately made me realize that I needed to organize and downsize my belongings. Thankfully, Bryan had a work van we could use and he packed it like a game of Tetris! I had another full load in my SUV and we made the journey to Ohio. Too tired to unpack that evening, we left the van loaded in our driveway to tackle the next day. I’ve learned several tips and tricks over the years, one being to pack a bag for this kind of situation. Basically, a small suitcase or overnight bag that you can have easily available with the necessities. I love these Packing Cubes I found to help keep my clothes, toiletries, and dirty laundry organized. It’s such a game changer to know that I can unpack efficiently without having to dig through a box for my toothbrush or pajamas.

Moving across the country or to a new state can add another layer of pressure if you’re using your own vehicle. If you were to face any vehicular trouble such as a flat tire or mechanical issues that would require repair time, you’d have to shift your moving schedule and this can create more stress. Relying on family or friends is always nice, but this isn’t an option for everyone. I’ve found it easier and more efficient to allow a professional team to help provide a seamless experience. Bearded Brothers Moving Group is a company based here in Ohio and their mission is to provide quality moving services with optimal communication. The best part is that they provide long distance moving services in Youngstown, Ohio to help safeguard your most prized possessions.

Moving during a pandemic was not easy by any means, but it can be fun! I was lucky to have time off from work to gradually unpack. I find it more fun to unpack than to pack unless I’m going on vacation – I am definitely not one to unpack my suitcase quickly after traveling. However, one of my favorite parts about moving is having a blank slate to decorate and organize the way I envision the room. When Bryan and I moved in together, we had to be mindful with all of the items we’ve accumulated separately and get rid of the things we no longer needed. One of my goals for 2021 and 2022 has been to donate anything that we haven’t used or even seen in 6+ months. Even though we experience all of the seasons here in Ohio, if I hadn’t worn an article of clothing for a year or two, I’ve either given it away or donated it. It has allowed us to have so much more space in our closets and in under-the-bed storage. These containers from Ikea have been super helpful for us to store extra bedding, Bryan’s college football gear, and so much more.

If you’re planning to move this year, I wish you the best of luck! If you’d like to hear any other tips and tricks or would like to share yours, please comment below!

Namaste, friends!

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