To Botox or Not To Botox

We all know someone who receives Botox and there is usually a preconceived opinion surrounding their decision. I want to preface by saying that my blog is a judgement free zone. I have always lived by the rule that you should do what makes YOU happy. As women, we are constantly faced with ridicule and misconstrued perception, not to mention being our own worst critics. But, I made a promise to myself years ago that I would stop caring what people think about me and love myself.

I’ve always loved caring for my skin and my mom instilled the practice in my sisters and I from a young age. It’s been a natural hobby to test and try new products, especially as I’ve gotten older and my skin has changed. I’m working on a super fun blog post that highlights my current favorite products! I would like to think I’m past the acne phase, but hormones and environmental aspects can still affect my skin. As important as it is to find what works for your skin type, the one thing that we all face is aging.

I am a frowner, especially while working. I also love to be in the sun and do wear sunscreen, but I also grew up in the era of tanning beds. So cringeworthy now, but my friends and I used to bake in a tanning bed before every special occasion. I didn’t fully grasp the fact that sun damage is the number one cause of aging until I was in my twenties. Luckily, I don’t have major sun spots on my face, but my biggest complaints are my frown lines, aka “elevens”, from said frowning. This has been my main area of focus with Botox.

I’ve followed many different dreams, which have led me down different career paths. One of my favorite jobs that sort of fell into my lap was working for a Dermatology Management company in Nashville. I had the best coworkers, the nicest boss, and the opportunity to do a lot of fun things. One of my favorite experiences was not only planning and attending, but also modeling for a live demo Cosmetic Dermatology Bootcamp in Boston, MA. Dermatologists from around the country were in attendance. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Mary Lupo, a leading expert and nationally known Dermatologist that led the demo. We had dinner the night before and discussed my treatment plan. This was my first time receiving injections and I was nervous! But, she is incredibly skilled at what she does and she put my nerves at ease. I was extremely lucky to have had Dr. Lupo educate me and to be her patient for the day.

Receiving injections at the live demo in Boston, 11-2019.

I received Sculptra (filler) in my nasiolabial folds, aka “smile lines”, in my temples, chin, and base of nose to slightly lift the angle. I received Juvederm Volbella (filler) in my lips. Lastly, I received Jeuveau (toxin) on the glabella, aka “frown lines”, crow’s feet, and under my eyes. This sounds like a lot, and it was; I wasn’t expecting to receive all of the above, but I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to do so. Everything was so natural, no one could even tell that I’d had all of these injections.

Having the knowledge that I do now, I am a big fan of preventative Botox, and for me, that is receiving small amounts once or twice per year. Knowing that filler typically lasts for a year, but Botox dissolves faster, I’ve learned that this time frame works for me. Typically, Dermatologists will encourage Botox appointments every six months or as needed. It’s important to find a Dermatologist that understands exactly what you want and takes your age into consideration.

Botox injections are measured in amounts called units. I prefer “less is more” in terms of units, so I receive 40 units total. Recently, I chose to test the trend of the “Lip Flip” injection, and I am obsessed! I’ve always had full lips, but my upper lip naturally becomes much thinner when I smile. The lip flip injection site is just above the lip line. It took about a week for the Botox to finalize, and I’m so happy with the results.

Site injections for the Lip Flip pictured above, 01-2021.

In addition to the lip flip, I had my crows feet touched up and my elevens injected as well. I have a slight eyebrow droop on my right side, so I had 5 units injected to balance out my brows. I have not had any filler since 2019, and I’m not sure I will anytime soon. Although I love subtle lip filler, I’m happy with the Lip Flip…for now.

What’s your experience with Botox? Have you had any cosmetic injections? Comment below if you have any questions at all!

8 thoughts on “To Botox or Not To Botox

  1. Such great info! I’ve never had Botox done but have contemplated it because I wrinkle my brows so my forehead has some wrinkle lines. I really like how you broke it down. Lots to consider. Thanks!


  2. i’m rly interested in skincare and (although to a lesser extent) plastic surgery, so this is a great read. thanks for sharing


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