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Spinach Dip Bread

The very first time I made this bread was when I brought it as an appetizer to a family gathering and every piece was gone before dinner. I recently took it to a baby shower and knew I needed to share it because it’s such a crowd pleaser! Salty, creamy, crunchy, and healthy because it…

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Chronicles of My Pregnancy: Birth Story

It’s been nearly four months since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Mila. During this time, I’ve learned to appreciate being truly present and slowing down. Having a baby has been the hardest transition I’ve experienced in my life. It’s also the most amazing blessing. My pregnancy journey was an exhausting one. I…

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Chronicles of My Pregnancy: First Trimester

Pregnancy. It’s likely been the most wild experience I’ve had yet in life. After my miscarriage last year, I wanted time to heal and allow myself to consider having children as something that would possibly happen in the future. I didn’t want to pressure myself, I chose not to have further fertility testing or treatments…

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